Movioca is a 'content house' where ideas get moved, in the most different platforms. We act as a point of convergence among the key links in the content production chain: authors, means of production, distribution channels, financing mechanisms, brands and ultimately viewers.


Founded in 2012, based on the track history of its Creative Director, Amadeu Alban, which accumulates 15 years of experience in the audiovisual, totaling more than 1,000 hours of TV programs (Globo, Futura, TV Brazil, Discovery, GNT Portugal, Canal Brasil), 14 short films, 6 medium and 05 features.

Márcio Yatsuda, president of Movioca, is a member of the Federal Council of ABPITV, professor at International Cinema Academy AIC-SP Executive Production post graduation program, and has an extensive experience in managing projects and teams, accumulated over 22 years as an executive in the IT area.

The talents that integrate Movioca team work in an intimate environment with absolute dedication to content quality, to create films, TV shows and corporate content. Get to know a few of our cases.




David's Secret

A film by Diego Freitas, co-produced by Movioca and Parakino Filmes, a thriller feature film, which tells the story of David, an orphaned 20-year-old, who is studying to be a filmmaker and lives with his double identity: a shy young student and a feared serial killer. The distribution is hold by Elo Company.


A feature film that immortalizes the trajectory of Zélia Gattai. Using the photographic and literary memoirs of the writer who was much more than the Jorge Amado's wife. The film is a coproduction with the Casa do Santomé Filmes, directed by Carla Laudari, funded by Brasil Ministry of Culture LongaDOC fund.


A short film documentary that follows the clown construction process, lived in the first person by Rodrigo Luna, one of the directors, alongside Paula Lice and Ronei Jorge. The film has financial support from the Audiovisual Fund of Bahia Department of Culture.

Menino Joel

A long documentary film, controversial that had one exhibition prohibited by Military Police in Bahia. Directed by Max Gaggino, Italian living in Bahia, the film tells the story of Joel da Conceição Castro, 10, killed in 2010 by one cop. The film was distributed to Canal Brasil and festivals, and internationally by Elo Company.